Individual total in basketball


For the reason that basketball is the most productive sport, “total” enjoys high popularity among bettors when playing in offices at basketball matches. The “individual total” bet in basketball is especially popular among experienced users who are able to independently calculate how many points a certain team will score in a selected match. If their calculations differ greatly with the analysts of the offices, they carefully recalculate everything again and as soon as they see their correctness, they make a bet with a high probability of winning.

Here it is necessary to find out below how to calculate the individual total in basketball, which actions to perform on the basis of such calculations in the future.


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What is the individual total (IT)?

How to calculate IT?

Live bets on individual total

Summing up the results

What is an individual total (IT)?

The total total of the match is the sum of the points scored by both teams. Individual total (IT, ind. total) is the sum of points scored by one team.

Bets on individual total in basketball

This is how this type of bet is designated in Betcity. If you bet on “IT1 (111.5) Men.” with a coefficient of 1.98, the bet will win if the hosts score 111 points or less.

Play on ind. the total of the teams can be separately in each quarter or separately in each half of the meeting.

Bets on individual total in basketball

And if the game on IT before the start of the match within the 1st quarter or the 1st half is promising, then in other cases a large percentage of luck is at the heart of success, it is better to make a bet online.

How to calculate IT?

Experienced bettors have a general principle of carrying out this calculation, there is nothing complicated here:

Calculate the average performance of the team for the last 5-6 matches (if the team plays at home, then experienced players are advised to separately calculate the average performance of the last 5-6 home matches, when playing away, the opposite is true);

  • Three points are added for each home meeting;
  • For each Victoria, we add one point and take away 1.5 points in defeat.
  • Let’s make calculations based on a specific example.
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  • Bets on individual total in basketball

Calculate IT “Toronto”:

(92 + 121 + 119 + 119 + 104) = 555/5 = 111

For one home victory, it adds 3 points, becomes 114, for four victorias won, we add another 4 points = 118, and subtract 1.5 points for one defeat. The result is 116.5.


Bets on individual total in basketball

But such options were offered by the analysts of the offices, setting an approximately equal coefficient at 118.5, and we got 116.5. This is not a big difference and it is better to bypass this duel. Now, if the bookmaker had set approximately equal odds on IT “Toronto”, for example, 110.5, then it would be possible to bet on ITB(1) 110.5, and at 121.5, on ITM (1) 121.5.

The difference equal to 5 points or more is a significant difference. But in this case, the example was taken from the NBA, where the analysts of the offices very accurately set the total options and coefficients for them, as we saw with a specific example. And if there are strong discrepancies, it is worth looking for what the reason is. And there can be many such reasons:

Injury of one or more productive players of the team, this leads to a decrease in performance;

Before that, the club had played with five not the strongest opponents, which was the reason for the high performance, but in the upcoming match, one of the heavyweights of the tournament got into the opponents;
There is an important match to play ahead, the coach gives some of the main players the opportunity to rest, etc.

Large discrepancies in the calculations carried out between a professional bettor and bookmakers can often be observed within the framework of poorly popular championships. As a rule, one analyst is assigned to one such tournament and he does not always correctly set the line for the match, sometimes simply taking the latest team indicators without taking into account injuries, motivation and other important conditions.

But a professional bettor, having carefully studied one of these poorly popular championships for several seasons in a row, being well versed in all the small details, taking them into account when analyzing, will immediately see a strong discrepancy and make a good bet.

But a number of experienced players do not make pre-match bets, but play live.

Live bets on individual total
Before the start of the meeting, exactly the same calculations are made.

Bets on individual total in basketball

This is one of the Sacramento Kings – Phoenix Suns NBA matches. Let’s calculate the performance of Phoenix based on the last 5 matches:

Bets on individual total in basketball

(124 + 112 + 110 + 88 +107) = 541/5 = 108 + 9 points for 3 home matches = 117 -7.5 for 5 defeats = 109.5

The score after the first half of the meeting was 63:44.

Bets on individual total in basketball

During the first half of the meeting, the guests scored only 44 points, while their average performance is 109.5, this is a strong discrepancy, until the end of the match, Phoenix should conditionally reach its average performance of 65.5 points. All this made it possible to bet on ITB (2). It was safe to bet that in the second half the guests would score more than in the first two quarters, the bookmakers in this match set convenient odds.


And as you can see, the guests have already scored 60 points in the second half and fell a little short of their average performance.

The game in live mode was built on a strong departure from the average performance, if Phoenix had scored 55 points instead of 44 in the 1st half of the meeting, then there was no point in playing here, this is a normal indicator and the bookmaker would have set an inconvenient coefficient.

If Phoenix suddenly scored 64 points, then you could safely bet on ITM (2), this is already a strong departure from the average, while in a big way.

It will not be superfluous to look at how the teams play in the 1st and 2nd halves, there are clubs that do not perform in the best way in the first two quarters, but then add powerfully in the rest of the match.

Summing up the results

At the heart of a successful game on individual totals are three pillars: mathematical calculations, thorough knowledge of the state of affairs in clubs and the mistake of bookmakers. As soon as the three whales come together, the probability of winning will go through the roof.