How to register in BC

Registration at the bookmaker’s office

Betting in bookmakers can be done both at the betting shop and online by means of a computer, phone or tablet. However, the first step is to go through the registration and identification process. The easiest way to start registration is online.


It will take you only 5-10 minutes to register in the BC.

During the registration process, you will need: passport, mobile phone number, some bookmakers request SNILS. When transferring your data to a legal bookmaker, you should not worry, since this procedure takes place within the framework of the law of the Russian Federation.

It is also worth remembering that in order not to have problems logging into the bookmaker’s website, with payments and many others, it is best to register with a legal bookmaker. Legal bookmakers have the necessary licenses and certificates to conduct legitimate online betting activities. All bets of legal bookmakers pass through TSUPIS (the center for accounting for transfers of interactive bets).

Thus, the player becomes protected from possible frauds on the part of the bookmaker.

  • Registration at a bookmaker’s office without a passport
  • Since all bets pass through the MCC, and this organization transmits all information about players to the Federal Tax Service, it is logical that registration in a legal bookmaker’s office without a passport is not possible. You can register at a bookmaker’s office without a passport only in offshore companies.

Skype, how are you

  • The registration process is simplified every year and many bookmakers have abandoned the ground (i.e. at the betting point) identification of players. ‘
  • There are only two stages: registration and identification.
  • The standard field of the registration form includes: full name, date of birth, postal code, full registered address, phone number, nickname, email, password and security question.

During identification, the representative of the bookmaker’s office will call the phone number you specified during registration and clarify the identification method that is convenient for you, or via Skype, what is the matter.You will need to show 2.3 pages of your passport, as well as the registration page against the background of your face.

After that, the bookmaker independently transmits all the necessary data to the MCC. You just need to top up your gaming account and start betting.