How is double chance indicated in bets

What does double chance mean in betting

Taking the first steps in a betting shop, a novice bettor understands what a victory of one of the teams or a draw means. But it is difficult to immediately figure out what a double chance is in betting. The symbols used by bookmakers in the line are puzzling for most.

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To be in the black at a distance when playing BC, you need to study the types of betting and their features. And also to understand at what points it is better to place bets. A clean win or draw carries an increased risk of losing. An experienced bettor selects an option, the percentage of profit from which is much higher. What is a double chance should be sorted out first.


Description of the concept

Among the popular betting options when playing BC is a double chance. What it is, you can understand by comparison.

Direct outcomes

This is the line for the football match of the championship of Belarus “Smolevichi— – “Dinamo-Minsk”, where the red arrows highlight P1 – the victory of the hosts, X – a draw, P2 – the victory of the guests. When betting on the first option, the bet will only come in if the home team wins. If the result is tied and the guests win, the bettor will lose money. Otherwise, it can be called a single chance. Winning when one result out of three occurs. A double chance in betting is an opportunity to win if there are two outcomes out of three, for example, a victory of the hosts or a draw.

to the content of the Double Outcome Variety
Example 1stavka

So in the line indicates the option in question betting BK 1xStavka:

Example parimatch

BC Parimatch in line uses more understandable designations:

  • Smolevichi will not lose.
  • There will be no draw.
  • Dynamo Minsk will not lose.
  • When comparing the lines of both bookmakers, many questions can be answered.
  • Sorry, there are currently no polls available. Bid 1x
  • Fonbet Bookmaker

It is included in the group of highly popular bets together with 2X.

1X in the betting means that the owners will not miss Victoria. The winnings will be credited in case of a victory of the home team or a draw. P1 carries a higher percentage of risk compared to 1X, which is reflected in the coefficients, this can be seen in the screenshots presented.


In the Smolevichi — Dynamo-Minsk confrontation, Fonbet set 4.80 for the clean Victoria of the first team. He will not lose to Smolevichi — 1.95. Being afraid to make deals at high quotes for the net success of the owners, the bettor can take a safety net when choosing 1X. What acceptable multipliers are set for.

The double outcome of the 1X is a safety option for pure Victoria. The quotes are much lower, the probability of failure is two times less.

Bid 2x
Bookmaker Leon

The situation is similar to the above option. A double chance of X2 means that the guests will not lose. The bet will come in the case of a victory of the guests and with a draw result.

It should also be remembered that a 2X double outcome is a safety option for a clean victory of the guests. According to the quotes issued by the Leon operator, it is clear that the kef 1.24 is on 2X. Many bettors play with a safety net, they rarely choose clean victorias. But in the situation under consideration, the indicator for non-loss of guests is too small. In this case, it is unprofitable to bet with a safety net.

Bid 12
Bookmaker League of Bets

It belongs to the number of low-popular bets.

A double chance of 12 means that there will be no draw: the user will receive a win with the victory of any team.

In the presented line of the football match chosen for example, there is a kef 3.10 on X, 1.33 on 12. Rarely more than 1.45 can be seen on 12 in the office line, often quotes within 1.20-1.35.

What type of double chance do you bet on more often?


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It should be remembered that a double outcome of 12 in bets is a poorly demanded option. It is mainly used in express trains and when using the Ladder strategy.

to the content Examples

It is possible to make a bet on the option under study within a single half, where too low coefficients are often set for quotes for non-winning on both sides. Quotes for 12 increase at least twice. For this reason, bettors bet on “there will be no draw”, using the Ladder strategy, as a rule, choosing the second half of the meeting. In the first 45 minutes, draw results are recorded much more often. It is better to choose the opposition of a clear favorite and a complete outsider. Leaders often squeeze the visiting underdog after 70 minutes and score goals.

Betting League

It is used in combined sentences, which are among the dangerous directions. Money is credited if two outcomes come in. By betting on 1X + TM 2.5, the bettor will win if the hosts do not play and if two or less goals are scored.



BC Vinline in the meeting “Gorodeya” — BATE offers several more options, where the studied species is an integral part. They need to be treated with increased caution — it’s not just that the bookmaker puts up high odds. You can play within all statistical indicators, except for the percentage of possession of the ball.

Yellow cards

to the content Where it is better to bet on a double chance
It is better to make deals in bookmakers that lay low margins.


In the match “Dynamo-Brest” — “Shakhtar-Soligorsk” on P1 BC Leon set a multiplier of 2.16, on the opposite option (2X) — 1.77.


(1 / 2.16) + (1 / 1.77) = 46.29 + 56.50 = 102.79.

The margin is 2.79%. This is a low indicator that allows you to increase the pot at a distance when using a working strategy of the game. It is promising to bet with a margin of no more than 5%. If the percentage is more than 7, it is difficult to get into the plus. The margin will gradually eat up the profit and bring it into the negative.

The following licensed operators provide a low percentage:

  • 1xStavka.
  • Parimatch.
  • Leon.
  • Winline.
  • Ideally, you can place a bet in an office that charges a small percentage at an inflated coefficient. Such a situation is the result of a direct error of the office analyst, misalignment or unjustified overloading.

Bookmaker’s odds

In the Atletico-Sevilla meeting, the coefficient for 2X unreasonably rose from 1.62 to 1.85. It was a duel between two opponents of equal level of play. 1xbet and 1xStavka lay low margins on top football matches. It was an ideal situation for making a promising bet with a profitable multiplier.

The meetings of two approximately equal rivals should be chosen, in which BC analysts made the hosts clear favorites due to the home field factor. And the guests are not in a deep game crisis, the team leaders are not disqualified or injured.